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EID Accelerator is a program that helps entrepreneurs and investors to make a positive long term contribution to Vietnam, through private business initiatives.

Entrepreneurship, Investment, Development

What is EID ?

Founded in 2013, EID Accelerator has been developed by experienced and passionate french entrepreneurs in Vietnam.  A rich mix of expertise, perspectives,  personalities, networks, industry knowledge, and in common, a long experience of entrepreneurship in Vietnam and ASEAN.

Our Values

Critical Thinking, Respect, Straight forwardness, Sustainability & gender equity.

Our Expertises

Vietnam Consumer Market, Business software / apps, Supply Chain, Manufacturing, Logistics, Online Marketing, Big Data / Machine Learning, Startups in ASEAN, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Banking & Investment, Software development, Industry 4.0, HR & Recruitment, Leadership & Communication, Public speaking

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How do we help ?


EID helps entrepreneurs to go through their next big step.
Raising money, finding the right strategic connections and contacts, (re)gaining confidence, refocusing your business model, understanding the Vietnamese and ASEAN markets, getting practical entrepreneurship advises, reviewing your financial model, etc.
EID is inclusive. Any industry, any stage of development, founders and investors of any nationalities, all projects are eligible to request the support of EID. As long as it has something meaningful to do with Vietnam.
However a selection process exist and only the most potential ones will be supported.


EID helps investors to get unique gems without wasting their time.
Personality, industry, range of investment amount, expectations from the partnerships, legal specifics… all these elements are taken into account before introducing you the right investment opportunity.
But in most cases, before becoming gems, these young companies require a review of their business focus and growth projections, a test on their motivation, a polish on the message, etc. They need to be prepared.  That’s what EID makes sure of.
As an EID investor, you’ll get access to truly potential and well prepared entrepreneurs, working in the areas that are most meaningful to you.
What we do

Project Application Process !



Send a summary of your business, a few slides, pages. Not commercials, real facts and figures, a clear focus on the What, the How and the Who.



Jury members vote for the selection of the most promising that will move to the next stage: the Jury Pitch.
Votes happen on a monthly basis


Jury Pitch

That’s where you expose in 20min your business model, your potential, your legitimacy, your ability to take challenges, your team, your capacity to listen and convince.
A Q&A session of 40min follows where we exchange with you in a  frank and respectful manner, where we give perspectives, feed back and recommendations, and offer our support.



EID Coaching consists of a limited number of sessions of 2-3h with an EID Jury member, willing to give out some of his time to help you focus on what’s important. The goal is to prepare you to make a step to next level, to give you confidence to achieve what you aim at.
Preparing for a fund raising campaign, pitch preparation, financial model review, negotiation with investors, strategy roadmapping, entrepreneur toolkit, etc.


Investor Pitch

EID has thousands of business connections in Vietnam and abroad. Once  prepared and solid on your intentions, we activate our network and find the right matches. You will get privilege access to people that trust EID and that are genuinely willing to help. You’ll get to meet the people that are keen and potentially able to invest in your business or support in a different way. Your role will be to make these new relationships fruitful.
In the specific case of a formal investor pitch we’ll fine tune your argumentation, you oral sharpness, your value offering. So you are 100% ready.



Once the discussion starts about signing a deal, we step away. You handle the negotiation together with the investor. We debrief at the end and review options but we don’t intervene in the negotiation phase. Not on one side, nor the other.



The deal has been signed, a promising partnership ahead and a transaction has been completed. EID takes a success fee.
This is where the EID process ends.

Who can apply?

EID Accelerator is open to all:

  • Solid business’ ideas, existing startups or SMEs
  • Entrepreneurs bringing up clear add-value to Vietnam
  • Entrepreneurs ready to share their projects openly
  • Entrepreneurs ready to pitch in English and in Ho Chi Minh City

*All nationalities are welcome. All types of sector are accepted.


What Entrepreneurs Say About Us

“EID has been a critical step for us to find our investors as well as exceptional advisers and reliable partners. We initially applied to find funding for our project but the outcomes have been even more beneficial for us.”
Pierre-Antoine Brun
Co-founder @ LeFlair
“EID has been an important step in the fundraising process of Vice. It was an engaging platform to test our pitch and receive constructive critics for our business model. The EID team helped us to refine our plan and priorities. We have eventually been introduced to an adviser and investor who is now actively contributing to the success of WisePass”.
Aymeric Matencio
Co-founder @ WisePass
“Above all, EID has helped me to meet interesting, experienced and passionate leaders, who understood my project and asked tricky questions. This helps the entrepreneur to better understand the expectations of investors, and to hone his communication, in order to be ready for the great oral with Business Angels / Venture Capitalists. Since then, our project was funded, and we are followed by the number 1 Venture Capitalist in the USA. “
Benoit Barrier
Founder @ LetEatGo
“The EID Accelerator allowed us to prepare better our pitch in front of investors. The jury has provided us with useful tips and we were able to gain confidence in our presentation skills. After the EID season, we launched a Crowdfunding project that allowed us to gather more than 22,000 Euros”.
Florence Bacin
Co-Owner @ Linda Mai Phung

The Jury of EID is currently composed by 7 members, with unique expertise in their own fields, combining over 100 years of entrepreneurship experience in Vietnam.

You can find me here
CEO @ CEL Consutling
Julien BRUN
You can find me here
Vice President @ Gameloft SEA
Sebastien AULIGNY
You can find me here
Founder & CEO @ Atemis Cloud
Benoit Barrier
You can find me here
Product Owner @ Scratchpay
You can find me here
Director @ FIT Group
Jean Charles BELLIOL
You can find me here
Director @ Kantar Worldpanel Asia
You can find me here
CEO @ Dirox & Synexser Equity Partners
Vincent CAPA

More Info?

[email protected]!