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La French Tech Vietnam.

We’re a network of tech entrepreneurs for tech entrepreneurs which means we help startups and tech companies to setup their business in Vietnam and in France, accelerate their development, educate their people & more. Discover who we are through the website and our social media!

The primary motivation

What is La French Tech ?

La French Tech is the nickname of French startup ecosystem and all those in it—from bioscience to online marketplaces—wherever in the world they come from. It is a worldwide community with 38 hubs in France and 48 in the World, including la French Tech Vietnam HDH.

La French Tech it’s a powerful vector of diffusion of innovation & startup culture, recognition of startups worldwide to attract to them investors and international talents, federation and animation of entrepreneurial communities.

This Communities are created to structure the Startup & Entrepreneur ecosystem at the local, national and international level, and finally steering the actions to accelerate the maturity of the ecosystem.

What are we made for ?

A bridge between France and Vietnam for startups & tech entrepreneurs.

La French Tech Vietnam is the first French Tech community created in South East Asia in October 2016. After these first years of experience, we wish to be a significant part of the tech ecosystem in Vietnam and the region.

La French Tech Vietnam is an open tech community with 3 main purposes. Gather entrepreneurs from France, Vietnam and Abroad ; Support the growth of the companies in our community ; and Spread the tech knowledge for everyone interested in.

Our team is made up of entrepreneurs, start-ups and managers of corporates. Their goal is simple: make La French Tech in Vietnam a key player in the business relationship between our two countries.


“La French Tech” is a community created by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Our first goal is to bring together all actors to build a springboard for all companies in Tech that come to Vietnam or want to go to France.


The second objective is to accelerate the development of French companies in Vietnam – and Vietnamese companies in France. It can be done thanks to a network of entrepreneurs who know French, Vietnamese and Worldwide markets.


La French Tech it’s also gathering experts on the latest tech topics (AR / VR, Blockchain, FinTech, Big Data, Cybersecurity …) but also experts who bring the digital transformation in their department to share knowledge, experiences and best practices together.


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by the network in 2018


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The 4 pillars of entrepreneurship are: Vision, Motivation, Resilience and Connections.
Be part of something big, join us!

What we do

We support each other !

La French Tech in Vietnam it’s not only French, it’s not only with entrepreneurs and companies already in. It’s you, it’s me, it’s all of us working in the Tech industry in France and Vietnam with the wish to make our ecosystem being successful! La French Tech Vietnam, it’s a framework made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, that can support you, and where you can have real impact.


  • Project qualification
  • Incubation / Acceleration
  • Mentoring
  • Workshops
  • Entrepreneurs gathering
  • Connection with VC’s


  • Afterworks (FT Connect)
  • Speaker Panels (FT Talks)
  • Working Groups
  • Entrepreneurs Lunch’s
  • Innovation days
  • Meeting with Institutions


  • Special program for Startups
  • Pitch sessions
  • Project review
  • Mentoring / Coaching
  • Fund raising preparation
  • Connection with VC’s


  • Incorporation
  • Incubation
  • Tech Development
  • Investments
  • Recruitment
  • Local Initiatives


  • Worldwide Network (86 hubs)
  • APAC Network (10 hubs)
  • French Tech Visa
  • French Tech Tremplin
  • Bourse French Tech
  • Scale-up Tour


  • Facebook page & group
  • Linkedin page & group
  • Twitter
  • Whatsapp
  • Slack
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